by Samro Foundation in General News

African Cultural Calabash


As the largest music rights organization in Africa, SAMRO is proud to be associated with the 1st International Council for Traditional Music African Musics Symposium and the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the African Cultural Calabash. One of the main objectives of The SAMRO Foundation, which manages the Corporate Social Investment of SAMRO, is to preserve, conserve and promote South Africa’s musical and cultural heritage. On this occasion, we acknowledgethe first lady of the SAMRO Foundation, Princess Constance Magogo Sibilile Mantithi Ngangezinye kaDinuzulu. Princess Magogo’s rich legacy of contributions to our cultural landscape embodies who we are as an organisation, and her image features on most of the Foundation’s branding and marketing material.

We are delighted to notice many synergies between our organisational identity, our current work and this year’s events in Durban, including the fact that this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner – Brother Clement Sithole – is being recognised for his contributions to the preservation of indigenous instrumentation as a student of Princess Magogo herself.

One of the best ways to preserve traditional music is through live performances. The Foundation’s Concerts SA project (a collaborative partnership between SAMRO, the Norwegian Embassy and Concerts Norway) has historically supported live music at UKZN, and this support extends to the Calabash concerts. Since September 2013, CSA has reached more than 58 000 concert-goers through performances at schools and venues throughout KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape.

In closing, The SAMRO Foundation wishes that this year’s symposium, workshops and concerts will bring lasting memories to all participants and leave a tangible imprint on our common goal to celebrate the greatness and diversity of Africa’s musical heritage.